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The Colour of the Sun – Sean

He went into the classroom, sat down on his chair and listened to the teacher give out the assignment. He then stared out the window searching for inspiration. Yet all he could see was the reflection of his own preschool classroom.

Sean got up and walked over to the window. The teacher seemed distracted and he wondered if she would ever notice if he were to leave the room. Nevertheless he would not find out, as leaving that exciting assignment behind was not at all part of the plan.

Sean placed his two little hands on the window and pressed his face against them. He looked and looked but no, nothing seemed to intrigue him that morning. Perhaps it was the sun positioned just right to fill his eyes with light, no matter which way he looked, depriving him in fact of seeing anything; unless under that diffused perspective. Well, okay, if you must have my attention, then I will draw you today. You and only you!

Back in his seat Sean took a crayon from a little basket and pointed it at the white paper with enthusiasm. He drew a sun that took up the whole page, big, majestic and -“Green!” Another preschooler shouted and then laughed. “The sun is not green you dummy!” The preschooler continued. Giggles went around the room as the class came to an end and everyone began packing up.

The teacher walked over to his desk, picked up the drawing and looked at him with real concern. Maybe he is colour blind, she thought looking at him with pity. Sean raised his hand up to the teacher requesting to have his drawing back. As he neatly put away his work, mean comments about it were heard from across the room.

Looking around, to each classmate still present and then to the teacher, he was sure there was something he could say. Show them, somehow, a different perspective. Pulling his backpack on wheels behind him as he left the room, he realized that if life could feel this hard at age three; he better prepare well for what was still to come. Image


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